Wood Pellets

Pellet Fuels Institute Standards Program

Wood Pellets

Conway & Robison, LLC is accredited by the American Lumber Standard Committee to certify manufacturers of wood fuel pellets under the Pellet Fuels Institute’s Standard Specifications for Residential/Commercial Densified Fuel and the PFI Residential/Commercial Densified Fuel QA/QC Handbook. Pellets are certified to one of three different grades with a corresponding quality mark being applied to the bag. Samples are collected by our field staff and submitted to our partner lab for analysis to insure compliance.

Manufacturers interested in becoming certified in this program should complete and submit the application below.


Pellet Manufacturer's Application
PFI QA-QC Handbook
PFI Standard Specification

Additional program documents and updates are available to current clients and may be accessed through the LOG IN section of this site