ISPM 15 stampIn today’s global economy, there are many regulations that impact trade. In recent years, increased regulations involving wood packaging materials have been enacted to preserve forest health worldwide. ISPM-15 Guidelines for Regulating Wood Packaging Material in International Trade is considered the world standard. This standard requires that wood packaging materials consisting of solid wood components be certified as Heat Treated or fumigated in order to insure that quarantine pests are not transported within the certified product.

Conway & Robison provides certification of wood packaging materials meeting the requirements of ISPM-15 for Heat Treatment. We are fully accredited by the American Lumber Standard Committee. Typically, manufacturers of wood packaging materials are certified by Conway & Robison and possess quality marks at their site. Conway & Robison conducts a minimum of 12 audits during the year to evaluate and ensure conformance. Education and training of compliance requirements are included as part of our service.

We also provide ISPM-15 product certification service as needed. This service is best suited for manufacturers with a low or intermittent need for export packaging. Typically, this would be a company that requires ISPM-15 certified packaging a limited number of times per year.



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